Are you a Business Owner or Self-employed Professional?

Online marketing is the new way to promote not only digital products or services but physical products also.

As the number of people who has access to internet increases, the number of people who visit websites including social media platforms also increases not only to connect and network but also to search for anything they want and need through the internet.



This gives businesses the opportunity to promote their products or services limitless to a targeted market.

To grab this opportunity, I focused on online marketing.

I started as an affiliate marketer and planning to create my own product soon.

As an affiliate marketer, I used different online marketing strategies to promote digital products, to those who need and want it the most.

Here’s to name a few:

–> Facebook Ads

–> Email Marketing / Marketing Automation (Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Autoresponder)

–> Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram)

–> Content Marketing (Blogging)

I’m here to offer my expertise (proven by my portfolio below) ¬†to businesses who are looking for someone who has these skills.


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Here are profiles and website I created and maintain:

As a digital marketer myself, Marketing success is not my only goal for your business but the Sales that come with it and the loyalty of your customers.

If you want me to be part of your team, email me at or leave a message, CLICK HERE.



Janice Medes graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in the Philippines.

She worked in the corporate world for almost 5 years in a multi-national software company and an investment bank.

She always dreams of having a business of her own that can generate passive income.

After discovering about online marketing, she becomes interested and passionate about it.

Attended several paid courses and seminars for self-development and to learn more about different online marketing strategies.

This blog documents her journey and shares her learnings in the online marketing world.


To visit my portfolio in Upwork, CLICK HERE.