First 100 Page Likes

When you create a new Facebook Business Page, your next goal after creating some contents is to attract followers who will like the Page.

Otherwise, your Facebook Page will be useless without an audience.

One way to have your first 100 Likes is to invite Facebook users organically by posting to Groups related to your niche or inviting your Facebook friends.

But there’s another way to do it effectively, and that’s to buy targeted facebook likes through Facebook Ads.


Result of Campaign



Post Engagements

I also experimented Facebook Ads using Post Engagements as objective for an Opt-in and Like contest.

The price is a ticket for an exclusive event.

The visitor should like the Facebook post and enter email address on the landing page to have a chance to win the ticket.


Result of Campaign



Facebook Contest: Website Conversion

Since the contest is Like and Opt-in, I tried to change the objective of the Facebook Ads to Website Conversion.

Using the same Ad copy and image, here’s the result of the campaign.




Facebook Ads: Page Likes & Post Engagements

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