One of best ways to market a product is email marketing. But before you can execute it, you need email addresses of potential customers.

Facebook Ads is one way to gather email addresses effectively.

You can also create Facebook Ads to increase Likes or Followers to your Page. If you want to have more engagement in your posts, there’s a “Boost your posts” objective. Same with videos to increase views.

I will categorize the result of my Facebook Ads campaigns based on Objective.

Here are the different objectives you can choose for your Facebook Ads Campaigns:





Website Conversion


When you optimize your ads for website conversion, Facebook targets the users who will most likely click the link in your ads and give their email addresses if the link redirect them to a landing page.

But of course, there should be additional targeting options that need to be selected for more relevant audience.

Below are the results of my campaigns to promote my affiliate link.

In this project, I optimized the ads to web conversion. I created a landing page where the potential customers will enter their email addresses… READ MORE



Video Views



Page Likes



Post Engagements